From April 2024 our hourly charge is £8.80 per hour.



Universal 15 Hours Free Early Education Funding 

We claim this on your behalf from Surrey County Council. You will be asked to sign a contract at the start of your first term of claiming the funding, and complete an audit each relevant term thereafter. Every child is entitled to this funding for 15 hours per week from the term after their third birthday (cut-off dates 31st March, 31st August & 31st December) until they leave for school. This can be spread over more than one registered provider. It is not all necessarily available immediately upon qualification at Shepperton Pre-School.

For more information follow this link:

Surrey Free Entitlement


Working Parent's Entitlement for 3 year olds

September 2017 the Government introduced an additional 15 hours funding for 3 year olds for working parents, eligibility criteria applies, SPS will be offers 12 of the 15 hrs, priority will be given to those in their pre-school year,for information follow this link.


Working Parent's Entitlement for 2 year olds

From April 2024 the Government introduced Working Parent's Entitlement for 2 year olds, eligibilty criteria applies, SPS offer this from the age of 2 years 7 months according to space availability.

More information on Working Parent's Entitlement for 2 Year olds can be found here.

Free Early Education Funding for Two Year Olds (FEET)

Available subject to meeting the requirements.  More information can be found on this link.


Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

 Open this link for a letter to parents about the EYPP


If you would like to apply for this funding once you attend the preschool, please complete the claim form. It can be found on the 'Letters & Forms' tab, or can be picked up from preschool. Return the form to the manager in an envelope. All details are treated with the strictest confidence, and claiming the premium does not affect any benefits currently received.




We request a consumable contribution of 50p for every fully funded hour attended.



We tax free childcare vouchers.



It is a good idea if possible to come and view the setting before enrolling, as many settings offer excellent care, but it is important to find the one that reflects your own ethos and beliefs. This makes for a better start to the partnership between parent, child and setting. See our Open Day tab for more information.




 To see enrolment form click below. The form is designed to be printed and completed by hand.

Enrolment Form


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