Pre-School Manager & SENDCO  


Sarah Morris, - Foundation Degree in Education Award Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practice

Sarah has been at SPS for twelve years and Manager for eight years. She attained her Foundation Degree in Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practice in 2016, further strenghthening SPS's knowledge and expertise when caring for children with additional needs.

Sarah also acts as the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)


Assistant Manager and Room Leaders


Amy Mark, Assistant Manager and Room Leader B.Ed. Hons(Pink team) -Deputises in the manager's absence

Amy joined SPS in September 2010 and has been part of the Senior Leadership Team for the last eight years being a big part of making Preschool what it is today. As Room Leader Amy brings the opportunities for all children to 'have a go' at activities they may not have had the chance to do before.

Within Amy's role as Assistant Manager she supports the team with any safeguarding concerns.


Cheryl Dowse, Room Leader,Key Person and ELSA trained-L3 C&YPW

(Pink team leader)

Cheryl is the team member that always sprinkles the glitter and brings the fun at pre-school! As ELSA trained Cheryl has been instrumental in bringing a whole setting approach to supporting our children's mental and emotional health.


Lisa Fraser, Room Leader, Key Person - L3 C&YPW (Blue team leader)

Lisa joined preschool 7 years ago and brought with her 6 years experience as a Teaching Assistant within a local school.   


Emma Andrews, Room Leader, Key Person - NVQ L3 (Silver team leader)

Emma joined us in 2019, her experience of running her own setting for many years has meant that she is a fantastic adition to the team.  Emma is Montesorri trained and her knowledge in this supports our ethos of encouraging our children to be as independent as they are able.


Amy, Cheryl, Lisa and Emma lead, supervise and organise the day to day activities of the children at preschool and are the smiling faces of the preschool that greet everyone every morning.


Childcare Assistants, Pre-school Assistants and SEND Support - 'The Team'


Sylvia Bunce, Pre-school Assistant - Sylvia's toast is legendary and her support for the whole team immeasurable.


Sue Blaney, Key Person L2 C&YPW Diploma,  (Pink team)

Sue has now been with us for nine years and has completed her level 2 diploma.  Her level headed and consistent approach brings another facet to the team.


Katy Lane, Key Person,Named person in absence of Manager and Deputy - QTS (Blue Team)

Katy joined us in 2019, her 20+ years of being a primary school teacher helps us when planning to get our children ready to go to 'big' school.


Laura Beavis, Key Person, Health and Safety Lead- L3 C&YPW

- (Silver Team)

Laura joined the team as a 1:1 SEND Support 6 years ago, her kind and gentle manner benefits all of the children in our care.


Leanne Searle, Key Person  - (Silver Team)

Leanne joined our team in 2019, her gentle and quiet way with the children encourages and supports all of the children.


Sarah Shearer, Key Person, ELSA and SENDco- L3 C&YPW  - (Blue Team)

Sarah voluteered at preschool before becaming a team member in January 2022, Sarah is also SENDco and works closely with the parents, the team and other professionals to support all children to reach their full potential.


Isis Elms, Key Person - L3 C&YPW - (Blue Team)

Isis joined as an Apprentice in September 2022 and has proved to be a fantastic asset to the preschool team, she now co-ordinates our holiday and afterschool club.


Jessica Nolcova Lane, Key Person -L3 C&YPW student- (Pink Team)

Jess joined as a volunteer in October 2022 and became a team member Easter 2023, her gentle and quiet nature benefits all of the children in our care.


Leanne Kimber, Send Support -(L3q, Silver Team)

Leanne joined SPS in September 2023 as a SEND support, her experience of working with SEND and Safeguarding makes her an invaluable addition to the team, Leanne also deputises as Safeguarding Lead.


Karen Kay, Team support

Karen started volunteering at preschool this Easter, she is a natural with the children, they love making their own play doh with her.



Each member of our team has been carefully chosen for their friendly and approachable nature, love of children, and childcare skills. We have a robust recruitment and staff induction procedure that ensures all staff employed comply with the rigorous policies and ethics of the pre-school, and can uphold its excellent standards. They undertake continual training to ensure their skills are up to date and give them fresh ideas to bring to the setting. We hold weekly staff meetings where information is shared.

Enhanced DBS checks are obtained for each member of staff and regular volunteers.